Pronuv's localization services ensure the translations with cultural adaptations of your products and services. By localizing your product, you want to create multiple-language versions of your product. Our main goal here would be to develop a foreign language edition of your product that appears to your target customers to have been originally developed in their own native language.

Our extensive experience and best practices in project management for handling the major localization assignments are some of the few reasons that clients entrust us with their localization effort.

Localization Approach:

Assess the already available translation/localization effort.
Review the requirement of target market.
Analyse the product completely to Identify the areas and points that need special attention.
Extract linguistic/culturally sensitive material.
Translate and modify the extracted elements.
If need be, reengineer the core product to accept the new language content (e.g., Buttons may need resizing to fit the translated text.).
Test new foreign market versions to ensure they meet performance standards of domestic product.


After working on many software and web localization projects, Pronuv professionals have enough experience in localization assignments. We apply our this expertise for designing and managing a customised localization program for your products. Our team's accelerated localization efforts help you to enter your new markets faster and with a greater degree of confidence.


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Read Below About Various Elements of a Localization Project


Preparing Glossary and Style Guide

We employ expert linguist translation managers for preparing the glossary and style guide. They work closely with the client to develop these ensure a consistent voice in all target languages.

The master glosssary eliminates uncertainty to the translators working on the project from different locations. For each localization project, our in-house team prepare a unique master glossary by including the industry related terminology and the terms which are complicated or tricky to translate. This become a global reference for all the translator/localization resources working on the project. Our experts localize this glossary for each required target language. Style guides define matters like general writing style, grammatical/punctuation usage, and word usage.

Localization Engineering

Our Localization Engineering team comes with necessary software skills to adapt your softare application to other languages. Our localization experts have sound experience in web and application development. Our each engineer has worked with leading translation memory tools, UI engineering, software development, help engineering, web engineering, screen capturing, and database management.

We are thus able to understand the localization challenges of your product and provide you a practical and customised solution. We are capable of solving the most technically demanding challenges involved at localization engineering level.

Content Translation and Proofing

Pronuv has a global network of subject matter experts, language specialists, native translators, content editors and proofreaders. All the resources follow the master glossary and style guide to ensure translation is upto the mark and accurate.

Graphics Localization

Graphics localization team works closely is to match newly localized graphics with the original ones. Issues related to text expansion, contraction and redesign are fixed. The translated texts and strings are retrofitted with the objects.

The graphics often have text embedded in the objects. Our graphics engineers will have to extract and separate the localizable and non-localizable, and then review graphic text with client-end approvers. After finalising the graphics text, these need to be re-integrated with graphics.





Steps In Localization



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