While Writing And Preparing Your Text

During The Translation Project

After Translation

To a large degree, you as the customer can greatly influence the quality of the translation you will receive. You can contribute in the following ways to the quality of your final product:

While Writing And Preparing Your Text

avoid abbreviations

Avoid in-house abbreviations and/or jargon. or provide explanation for the same.

avoid puns

Avoid using puns. They may be translatable, but could be offending in the target culture.

translate for target group
Determine the intended target group. It should be determined for the translation, the required language (i.e. French or Canadian French) and writing style (i.e. specialist or layman).

translated text may expand
Give scope for expansion of the text in the translated version. Your text may expand up to 50% or even more in the translation. This depends on the languages involved and the subject matter.
error-free translation
Ensure to hand over an error-free, final version of your original content. A well-written original text is the most important single factor in ensuring a good translation. Your message and objective should be clear and understandable.

correct translation copy
Provide us with the best possible copy of your source document. This becomes especially important when we are dealing with numbers and names that cannot be guessed from the context. Provide your text electronically if you can. Less work is involved for us in translating an electronic document and email makes file transfer faster and more efficient, rather than us using mail or courier delivery.

provide sufficient time for high-quality translation
Schedule sufficient time as far in advance as possible to avoid tight deadlines and added expenses; and therefore to ensure a high-quality translation. Be considerate not to expect to get a work that took you one week to write, to be translated into Vietnamese in one day.

document delivery
Deliver your original documents well in advance. We do a lot of careful scheduling and planning in allocating the right resources for your translation job. If it turns out, that you can't deliver your document on the agreed date, a delay can sometimes be expected. The on-time information will help our translator working on your project to schedule other translations, and then even several days of delay will not be unusual.

Provide as much information as possible about your project at the start of project.(e.g. previously completed translations, relevant brochures, correspondence, illustrations, glossaries, etc.) In most cases our translators are able to deliver better quality work if extensive background information is available for their review. Any information that you provide for reference, has to be clearly marked "For Reference Only".

Please provide us the details of any special concerns you may be having about your translation. Please point them out to us before we start the translating process (i.e. you want the translated text to rhyme or be completed in a certain language dialect, etc.). We will be happy to assign a suitable translator to your assignment and will accommodate you as best as we can.

Advise us why you need the document translated. It will help us to meet your particular needs if we know what the final document will be used for.

During The Translation Project

Appoint a contact person in your organization to answer specific questions the translator or the proofreader may have during their work. Don't be surprised or disappointed if terminology questions come back to you. Good translation work requires a lot of research in some cases, and good translators ask questions! The more you are able to help us with your knowledge and feedback, the better your translation will be.

Have the contact person approve glossaries of terms that relate to your industry and project. Keep in mind that different terms may be used for the same concept in different industries and even by different companies within the same industry.

Prevent additions and changes. Every addition means updating the text, the word count, invoice and administration of your project.

After Translation

If you feel that your document requires special attention, consider having a second translator proofread your document. We will be glad to offer this to you at an additional charge.

Give us your feedback on the work completed. It will help us to keep your specific requirements in mind next time around.

Make yourself available for the delivery of translation.







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